The Three Wise Trends

“Nobody’s walking out on this fun, old-fashioned family Christmas!”

― Clark Griswold

The house might be a little less busy this holiday season with fewer friends and family members at the dinner table and smaller gatherings. Holiday festivities and traditions might look a little different. All the more reason to decorate your home and literally deck the halls – because we need something to celebrate! Here are our three favourite tips for decorating your home for the holidays this year.


Nothing says Christmas like fresh greenery and the smell of pine. Foliage of any kind is a great addition to your home décor this holiday season. Draping over mantles, hanging on banisters, over doors, and on place settings—the more, the merrier. A hot tip for keeping your foliage fresh is to mist it every few days! If you want to ensure that those lovely cut-tree scent last throughout the holidays, stick to cedar, noble fir, and pine. On the exterior, full, lush garlands, wreathes and bows should be your go-tos. It’s all about getting back to the basics and keeping it au naturel. For those with allergies, or who don’t fancy live cuttings, a variety of faux greenery options are always an option. Here are a few links to some beautiful faux options:


The essentials this year are wood accents like baskets and beads, paired with antique metals. This rustic look can transform your home into a forest cottage, while other accents may create a cute farmhouse feel. The best part of the rustic vibe is that collecting antique decor items will create a holiday look and feel that is unique to your home. Search for used items or shop online! Here are some other options to get you started…

Minimal Monochrome

You cannot go wrong with whites, creams, greys and blacks. Using the foliage and rustic items as your base, don’t feel the need to add too many more bells and whistles. It’s about keeping it clean and simple. Candles are an easy way to bring the monochrome colour scheme in, and nothing says cozy Christmas like dancing candlelight. If you do feel the need for more colour, rose pink or deep blue are also popular picks this season. Click here to check out one of our favourite candle scents this time of year!

Time To Deck The Halls!

With these three trends in mind, you’re sure to create a warm holiday home! Even if Christmas does look a little different this year, remember what this holiday is truly about; giving back to your community and spending time with your loved ones!

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

With love,

The KC Custom Designs Team

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