The Writing on the Wall; Why Words Matter

“I like good strong words that mean something.”

—Little Women

When we started our KC Instagram back in 2016 we wanted it to be something more than just the typical collage of photos, which is why to this day we include posts highlighting our favourite words, quotes, and sayings. By sharing—often with a seasonal theme—we hope to reach you with relatable words that are close to our hearts.    

When it comes to words within the decor of the home, it is easy to think of a generic canvas at Homesense stenciled with “Live, Laugh, Love,” but the element of language deserves a seat at the design table as much as colour, shape and texture do. Incorporating quotes and words that relate to you personally, may be the most transformative action you can make for your living space. 

After all, humans have been writing since 3400 BCE, so clearly it’s important. We started using it for administration, marking on clay tablets, eventually branching out into the creative realm, transcribing ballads and epic tales. The point being, there is plenty of material to pull from, the key is discovering what, in this plethora of written and recorded work, hits home with you. A line from your favourite childhood story can bring instant comfort. The words from world leaders like Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. can ignite courage. A sassy quote from your grandmother or advice from the current tech mogul can be the boost we need to get through the lowest of lows. Writing holds beauty, opens doors and gives power. It has the ability to make us, laugh, cry, cringe, and dream. It can give us the nudge we need and propel us forward.

If the “self-help” section in Chapters is any indication, positive words and affirmations are all the rage right now and these methods thrive on the hyperbole that they will lead to “success” and fulfillment. Maybe an easier and more truthful approach is this; Words have influence. This is true for the good ones and bad. You can start the planting with what you choose to place in your home.  May as well plant the right seeds, so you grow the right plants. For example, having “Thankful” in your living room can prompt you to acknowledge your blessings in even in the darkest of times. Seeing the words of Peter Pan on your pillow can encourage you release your inner child for the day, or walking past the words of Oprah give you the confidence you need to ask for that promotion. Words matter. The writing on the wall matters. It sets the home up to what it should be; A place of encouragement, where the walls literally speak life into you every single day.

We want to continue to share some of our favourite words with you, so we’ve designed printable downloads for you to use in in your home! Find us on Etsy!

The KC Custom Designs Team